Cannabis - A cure for life and contentment

From a relieving pain tonic which also aids sleep, stimulates appetite to something which peels back layers of stress and tediousness, cannabis is finally having its say!  
An Ordinary Herb with Some Extraordinary Medicinal Values!
Many scientists contend- components in the plant also help regulate vital functions namely-

  • Safeguarding the brain against trauma.
  • Boosting up overall immunity.
  • And eradicating memory extinction post-catastrophic happenstances.

Moreover, this list continues. Many advocates besmirching its reputation, mystery and tainting image, consider it to be a true treasure trove. One herb which serves many uses: -

  • Analgesic.
  • Antiemetic.
  • Bronchodilator.
  • Anti-Inflammatory medication. 

A marijuana strain which hosts higher CBD than THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, an exclusive chemical structure, is plump with medical utilities and minimal psychoactive effects. One herb which, as per reports of (National Geographic magazine), can serve medicinal purposes of multiple individuals.
(In many ways, they believe that it still is just an ordinary plant…) Due to its extreme medical resourcefulness, apparent rush to accept cannabis plants as a mainstream plant (a normal herb), tax, legitimate, regulate and commodify it have finally begun!
Many before opine- ‘It’s a part of society… and something which could instigate a better society!’  And though the benefits were always there, hidden, significant breakthroughs in the study of cannabinoids (Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol), many are accepting the phrase.  
‘It’s Just a Normal Plant hosting extraordinary benefits...’ It is something many finally are giving acceptance!
Cannabis -A Diagnosis for Childhood Epilepsy…
Rapid growth in (CBD) Chemical Cannabidiol shows diagnostic possibilities in curing particular conditions of epilepsy. This is a ‘Chaos’ which leads to violent seizures in infants. And scientists in their quest to eradicate this perilous disorder recommend usage of CBD in oil form for its treatments.  
Some research, including one from NIH (National Institutes of Health), pin-point cure for humanity’s biggest cancer- CANCER itself!  
Truth and truth only, studies show some cannabis plants (marijuana in some parts) extracts have particular cancer cells. These special cells help reduce the size as well as seriousness of Cancer.
An extensive study on this pure extracts was put through testing using rodents. And the results show, brought to light, are perhaps one of the most pleasing discovery ever. The growth of cancer cells became slow as soon as this extract went into the body of these rodents.  

Plus, fatal brain tumors also saw positive diagnosis with researchers still looking for a breakthrough in this too.

Other Positives of this Preclinical and Clinical Testing…!

These genii’s also pinpoints treatments to other illness and ailments primarily those affecting human immune systems such as: -

MS or Multiple Sclerosis- which implies gradual loss of Muscle Control  

Capping off…

An assistant, a friend, cannabis, is a natural route to the healing of a nation. It always was known for its HIGH values, for its particular optical and aural aesthetical perceptions. It always was just a plant, a part of Mother Nature. And it does not need proof of its healing benefits- JUST THAT IT’S A HERB, A PART OF MOTHER NATURE…!